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Helping Elderly Parents Transition To A New Home

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I recently helped my father move into a memory care facility. It was a daunting task for his wife and an experience that neither my brother or I had experienced. Having been through the process – it’s always good to get extra help. Whether your parent is transitioning to an assisted living community, moving into your home, or downsizing to a senior apartment, these THREE tips can help you plan.


  • Start Small. As most of us know, we collect things over our lives – I know I have! Some items are harder to give up than others.  It’s an overwhelming task and you probably already know that with personal moves you have done.  You can imagine how hard it is for our parents. I always suggest they start with one room at a time. I tell this to my clients when they are transitioning from one house to the next. Have them start with a closet or a bathroom. Something that contains low value items. This should help them ease into the process and give them a sense of accomplishment.


  • Delegate. If you are working with a REALTOR, ask them if they have a partnership with a Utilities Service or Mail forwarding company to help. At GenXena – we provide a complimentary service that will help you save time and money and take the headache out of trying to figure out how to do all of this!
    • Electricity – We shop the top rated electric companies to find the best deals for you and your loved ones..
    • Phone – National and international plans for their home and business.
    • Gas – Let us connect with the best gas provider, stress free
    • TV – Connect today and get quality family entertainment at a low cost.
    • Security – If your loved one(s) are moving to a home that doesn’t provide security – we can set up a security system that will give you a piece of mind.
    • Movers – Whether its to their new home or a storage unit we can help get the highest rated movers and the best prices. 
    • Internet – If the internet is a must then they can get online immediately with their family and friends.
    • Insurance – If they need home or rental insurance you can help them get competitive rates from top insurance providers.
    • Moving Supplies – No matter what moving supplies you are looking for – we have you covered.
    • Mail Forwarding – We know how important it is to keep receiving cards and letters.


If moving elderly parents to a new city, you’ll likely need to help them find new health care providers. Do your research, get referrals from their current doctors, and try to set appointments soon after their arrival to avoid long waiting lists.

  • Work with a care manager. A geriatric care manager is familiar with local healthcare providers, in-home care agencies, and volunteer resources in the destination city. They can also arrange advanced medical transport for the move.
  • Transfer Prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy by their new home or if moving to assisted living – speak with a representative there to find out the best process for this task.
  • Contact Insurance Providers. Make sure their doctors and specialists your loved one needs are in their network and covered by their health care plan. Call the number on the back of their insurance card and speak to someone directly so you help them avoid hefty out of pocket fees.

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