helping educate other Generation X women how they can start to invest in real estate.

investor and real estate broker

About Terri

As an investor and real estate broker in multiple states, I have helped advise and guide dozens of clients in residential and commercial real estate investments.

As a Generation X women I found myself in my early 40's knowing I should do more with my money, but hadn't found a way that satisfied me until I found Real Estate. Which is why I am making it my mission to help educate other Generation X women how they can start to invest in real estate. Whether it's their first time buying a home or their first time buying an investment property.

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to Real Estate Investing or Real Estate in general? You’re Not Alone.

I live in Argyle, Texas. Michigan native - I've been a serial re-locater. Lived and relocated around the world. From Detroit to Seattle to England to Dallas to Seattle! Whew. I have finally planted my roots in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Area.

I have always have been an entrepreneur. I started investing in real estate in my 20's, held a patent in my 30's and was a partner with a Shark Tank star on QVC. Investor in a business in my 40's and now focusing on growing my real estate portfolio in my 50's and helping other GenX women do the same thing. Top Broker in Dallas and Bellevue, Washington.

In Washington I found my passion in Operations after working with other Teams and understanding the frustrations when it came to Systems and Processes in the Commercial Real Estate arena. While I still engaged in brokering real estate transactions, I primarily works with agents - helping great agents be better and assisted my Team Leader to build the overall strategy for 360 Investment Real Estate, which led our Team to produce over 40 Million dollars in real estate in less than 2 years.

Let's get Personal

enough about business... i also love golfing, running, hiking TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD and watching my son play sports.

The quiz

1. current mood:


2. my greatest fear:


3. current craving:

pinot grigio

4. favorite vacation spot:

Virgin Islands

5. hobby i love

hiking & traveling

6. favorite on my bookshelf:

"You are a badass"



8. my everyday style:

athletic clothes

9. happy hour drink:


10. what i wanted to be when i grew up:

a ballerina


lifting weights

12. two words to describe me:

friendly + passtionate

what they're saying


“We can’t say enough about Terri and her entire team. We were relocating to Texas, and Terri’s knowledge of the area and negotiation skills were unmatched. From start to finish, she made the entire process of buying our home (remotely) as seamless as possible. She was always prepared and very focused on our transaction.

Not only can you rest assured you are in the most capable hands, but those of a friend. We will recommend Terri and team whenever asked and could not make a stronger endorsement, if you are looking to buy or sell a home.”

3. Align you with the right team to help you invest in real estate.

- myra y.

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- ashley l.

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4. Let's execute a plan together.

2. Discuss your current financial situation + goals.

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